In the neighborhood


When you hear Andalusia you always think of Cordoba, Granada or Sevilla which are cities rich in culture and history but Andalusia is also an atmosphere and of course small white towns.

There are many towns in the province of Malaga which enter the group of those said to be the prettiest in Spain. Well, one of these is without doubt Frigiliana, especially the Moor nuclei which snakes in narrow streets, passages and even hallways.

You will be able to climb and step on the same floor as the ancient Moors, to the top of the mountain where the town stands. And there, there is an impressive panorama of the valley and the nearby coastal area.

Of the four or five historic-artistic buildings in Frigiliana there is the outstanding parish church of San Antonio, built in the 17th century (1676) and reformed the following century. It consists of three naves separated by pilasters and covered in a wooden armor up to the transept, where there is a semi-espheric vault crowned with a lantern.

In the old part of town there is also a building which was a real silo of the ancient granaries, built in 1767, and the palace of the counts of Frigiliana, a farmstead from the 16th century, which later would be converted in to an ingenuous sugar refinery.

Apart from the mentioned archaeological vestiges, there are the remains of El Fuerte, from the Roman and later eras, and the Castillo de Lizar, the medieval fort which existed on the top of the town.


Next to the beautiful white towns, you also have at only 1h30 from Nerja the Sierra Nevada. The Sierra Nevada is Spain's number one location for winter sports. Although it`s only 1.30 hours away, it has some of the best snow in the whole of Spain.

There are not many places where you can go swimming in the sea in the morning and skiing or snowboarding in the afternoon or vice versa. There are over 65 kms of ski slopes in the Sierra Nevada, and you can expect snow for approximately 5 months a year.